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Project Description

This set of libraries may be a good addition to any application that allows the user to customize colors. You can use common patters to visually edit palettes like complimentary colors and also compare W3C color values.

You can also switch to different types of color wheel: RGB, RYB (red-yellow-blue), RYGB.

My idea was to simplify styling of UI controls, from color perspective: if we try to style button or other control, Expression Blend generates default style template with lots of colors, but mostly, they are just derivatives (lighter, darker, light-to-dark gradient) of small number of base colors.

This led me to an idea that control styles could have them written in more generic, and more importantly less redundant and more clear way like this:

Background="{Binding Source={StaticResource ColorManager}, Path=ButtonBackground-Glass-Brush}"

Library split into 2 parts: (1) core (non UI, palette, RGB, HSB, CIELab, CIEXYZ, converters, tools), (2) - UI, color wheel, color component editors and other UI controls to edit colors and create palettes.

Friendly BSD license.


Demo project located here:


Color Wheel Control palette editor:

Brightness-Saturation palette editor:

Color component editor editor:

This is example of complete form that uses above controls to build application palette editor:

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